Automatic SAP deployments and installations on Cloud

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Deploy the latest SAP solutions: SAP HANA, S/4HANA, ERP EHP8, SAP Hybris…


Avoid traditional ad-hoc projects and endless requirements, just deploy what you need.

Cost Savings

Save money with SAP Instant, you no longer need to implement complex SAP projects


Deploy SAP systems on the Cloud within minutes.

What is the process?

1. Registration
You must registered a commercial or public company and at least one Admin user, in the Registration section. Individual users without a commercial company are not allowed to use this application.

3. Requirements
Either you have an Azure Cloud subscription or you create one from the SAPInstant User Account page (alternatively you can create it first from the Azure Portal) and then link your subscription to your user account

5. Take a coffe and relax
Depending on the solution, you should be receiving an email with your SAP Solution information in 60 minutes or less, with IP address, username and passwords to log in to your newly created SAP Solution.

2. Login
Deployments and Installations are launched from the SAPInstant user account pages, so you must first login to your account and meet the requirements

4. Deployment
Select the Solution you want to deploy and follow the wizard and enter the required parameter. Click “Deploy Solution” on the last step

6. Support
If you have any questions or doubts, please enter a ticket in our Support page.